T & S Intermodal Maintenance, Inc.

Contact Information

T & S Intermodal Maintenance, Inc.

Shipping Address:         6540 S. Austin Road
                                  Stockton, CA 95215

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 1592
                               Linden, CA 95236

Phone:               209.942.1360
Fax:                   209.942.1368

About The Team 
Our Division Managers are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in
the industry.

Founding Partner 2001.  22 Years experience in the construction/transportation industry.  Masters of Business Administration - 2002.  Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering - 1997

With T & S since 2001.  11 Years experience with load adjustments/railroad facility maintenance.  EMT and vounteer firefighter.

25 Years of trailer/refrigeration repair experience.  licensed in refrigeration, lift gate, roll doors, air brakes and suspension.  Certifed welder.

28 Years of office/accounting experience.  14 Years in the construction field.

Sammy Cox
President and Chief Financial Officer
(916) 416-7781

George Faist
Load Adjustment/Maintenance Division Manager
(209) 679-0743

Stacey Slaton
Trailer Repair/Refrigeration Service Manager
(209) 256-2108

Angela Hawkins
Scale Division
Company Accounting
(209) 769-4100

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